The added benefits to injectables-beneath the aesthetics

Of course we are all aware of the aesthetic benefits of anti-wrinkle and hyaluronic acid fillers, but what about the hidden benefits? The benefits that affect our skin rejuvenation, longevity, as well as prevention of further skin damage beneath the surface.

Myth goes, that these treatments are completely aesthetic -which has further developed into the negative statements that those who get these treatments are self-conceited and shallow people. Not true-not even in the slightest actually. To all the people out there who wouldnt think twice about getting a facial, microneedling treatments, microdermabrasion or other spa services, it actually turns out that medical injectables can be grouped in with these services as they provide similiar if not more substantial benefits to our skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally produced by our body. It keeps our skin well hydrated. With that being said, it is no surprise that it also helps with skin conditions that are linked to dry skin or irritated tissue, such as dermatitis. It can even our skin tone, pulling out sunken areas, and drawing away from dark blemishes on the skin. As we age, our fine lines and wrinkles develop further and eventually begin to break away at the skin as they become “static.” There is also the environmental enemy to our skin-the sun. By injecting fillers into our skin we are combating the effects of the sun, and preventing that damage from happening, before it even happens so to speak.

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