Growing with your business; the best and most effective methods for customer attraction

My business has grown immensely in the last few months- and I have grown with it. Empowered Medical Aesthetics Co. has only been open for 1 year, and I have been able to achieve goals and plans in this time that I originally thought would take 5 years!

There is no definite way to track the reasons behind business growth, but throughout my time as a entrepreneur I have learnt a lot in a short period of time and have come to recognize which strategies result in growth and which are a flop. In my Business Startup Coaching & Mentorship Course, coming October 2020, I will be reviewing these topics in depth. We will go through every aspect of starting, running and being successful in your business-stay tuned for my new website launch and more info on that.

1. Gaining client trust

So what are the 3 strategies I attribute to my growth? .

It may not have happened overnight, but my clients are all organically grown. I put time into in depth consultations and speaking to every customer that reaches out. I ensure all clients are educated on the treatments they receive and follow up with each individual client personally.

This does take time and dedication, but in return has increased the amount of clients that return for subsequent treatments, and the amount of referrals coming into my spa.

I also recommend investing in a referral based system of sorts. Whether it may be a discounted rate for referrals, or reviews.

2. Contributing to your Community

I started out this component by reaching out and completing “Pop-ups.” These allowed me to attract clientele, but also was a opportunity to market and collaborate with other local businesses. How fun! I have developed relationships from these collaborations that continue to grow and remain a part of my business. Me and Abbie LeBlanc have taken this to the next step, and have started Boss Babes Midland; a Facebook platform where local businesses can grow together. Check us out Here–>

Additionally, I have collaborated through local giveaways, and dropped off business cards at other local businesses. Giveaways are so fun! Once again that collaboration and marketing process is key. The point of engaging with your community and potential clientele is not to be worried about competition, or pushing for sales, it is a outlet to broadcast your passion, and put product out there-even if it costs money. This 100% will attract clients, even if you don’t receive a ton of sales initially. This brings me right back to #communityovercompetition; be patient and have fun with the process!

See my most recent give away in the August edition of Her Brand Box, a themed local subscription box, created by Stephanie McFadden. She is a total powerhouse of a business woman, and is also my go to for all your brow needs.

3. Spending money wisely

As I mentioned above, don’t be afraid to spend money to make money, but also be wise about these decisions. There is no rush when developing your business; don’t push to bring in new services or products too quickly, and don’t think that throwing a bunch of money at social media ads is going to gain you true customers. I was once told that putting money into social media ads, is like throwing money in the air, sometimes you lose it and sometimes it will come back to you. You just don’t know. I recommend doing your research when it comes to SEO and analytics.

Engage with your clientele and community, ask them what services or products they would like to see in your business. Spend time doing research, and weigh out cost pros and cons. You may be able to get a product cheaper somewhere, but are you compromising quality? How much time will it take to recoup your investment? Will there be depreciation involved in this investment? Calculate your cost of goods, and track your business expenses and revenue. See a accountant if you are unsure or need help with this topic.

As always, I am a big advocate for investing in yourself. I have taken 10+ courses in the last year as a entrepreneur. Some have been a financial investment and others have been completely free. Recognize your weaknesses, and where improvement may be necessary and educate yourself! Constantly update your skills, as the world is always changing -no matter what area of business you are in. I constantly take client feedback and turn that into a opportunity for my growth. This should be ever changing and evolving, as you finish one course, you move onto the next. Can this be a investment? ABSOLUTELY. Will it return to you? ABSOLUTELY. Be safe. Invest in training you know is coming from a reputable source, and make sure it is a topic that will benefit your business. Limitless training and the development of my new website and online platform is 100% going to be a investment I will not receive a return on initially, but the fact that I am already extending my business 1 year in, is a driving force for me daily.

I hope this was somewhat helpful to some of you out there, whether you are a business owner, or are currently in the process of starting up one. Maybe you have been thinking about it but just need to take the plunge! Message me, I’m always here to help 🙂

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